We as a HELIKS R&D and Biotechnology Inc. continuously improving our system in order to always catch and maintain customer satisfaction in all our activities in the field of genetic diagnosis, together with these improvements; With our commitment to not compromising on quality, together with our sensitivity to society, the environment, customers, quality and our employees;

  • Working in accordance with national and international requirements,  
  • To design and sell products in accordance with the requirements of innovative thinking and R&D studies by following the innovations in the medical sector,
  • To offer to the market affordable products with high quality elements that will ensure customer satisfaction at the highest level,
  • To provide the necessary resources for the effective implementation and continuous improvement of our risk-based quality system,
  • To ensure the effective implementation of the quality system by applying ISO 13485:2016 requirements in all our activities and to carry out the necessary training activities to raise the awareness of quality and unity of all employees in our organization.